Eric Miller is just a beautiful songwriter—kind of Dylan-meets-Jeff-Buckely.
— Kim Ruehl, Seattlest


The thing about Eric Miller is that he is so likeable and so uniquely original at the same time. Normally, these traits are mutually exclusive. Early Bob Dylan was different from almost everything the pop music world had seen at the time. He was impressive, but likeable as a person? Not really. Miller's originality sneaks up on you. You're humming along with his melody and enjoying the story quality in his songs and then you suddenly realize that you've never seen anyone like this before. His down-to-earth good nature comes across so well on stage that the audience lets his wild-streak pass without judgment. But later, when you think about his music and try to compare it to someone else's you come up pretty short. There's not any other recording artist quite like Eric Miller. Sometimes Eric will conjure up a particular songwriter or singer but that's only for one or two songs. Miller's material has such a wide range of musical style and lyrical subject matter that he pretty much defies comparison.

Eric began as a drummer in various rock bands in Grass Valley, CA, but soon moved to Seattle to pursue his own sound. Fascinated by musicians like James Taylor, Randy Newman, and Bob Dylan, he began to craft story songs and has been performing in the Northwest since 2004. Eric's first album, There Is Nothing For You Here (December 2009), features players from his community in a larger-ensemble mostly acoustic production. His second album, City Lights (September 2012), rocks a little harder than the first and features his full band sound.

Miller often adds a solid backup band to his performance, but with or without an ensemble, once he starts singing the audience is captivated. His lyrics and the story are delivered so well that the listener becomes caught up in the song itself. Listening to Eric Miller is a flat-out good time. He combines genres in a totally refreshing way, taking American Folk and blending it with the subtleties of Rock, Country, and Blues. He provides authentic musical experiences to a variety of listeners. Whether dancing to an upbeat tune or soaking in the intricate lyrics of narrative prose, audiences delight in Eric's honest cordiality and impeccable musicianship.

- James Riordan, Author of The Platinum Rainbow: How to Succeed in the Music Business...Without Selling Your Soul and the N.Y. Times Bestseller, Break on Through: The Life and Death of Jim Morrison.

In the 12 songs on City Lights, Eric Miller engages in approximately 12 different styles of music. A pop chameleon in the best sense of the word, he sounds as though Loudon Wainwright III accompanied Robyn Hitchcock to a bar where the Traveling Wilburys and Chet Baker happened to be hanging out.
— MS, Seattle Weekly